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Of Royal Palm Beach

At the Shepherd's Heart we prioritize and cherish our young people. We have three young people divisions, ages 0-12 Itty Bittys; 13-15 Youth & 16-25 Young Adults. During each Sunday worship service, all young people recite the affirmations, "I am beautiful, I am brilliant, I am brave, I am blessed. This is to help with self esteem and confidence. As a church body, we also often attend the extra curricular activities of our young people, such as their sporting events, performances...visibly offering them our support.

Itty Bitty Ministry (ages 0-12)

Also during each worship service there is a Children's Ministry Moment specific for the Itty Bitty Ministry. It's a time where they interact with Pastor Sapp and learn a short lesson. After the Children's Moment there is a youth parade. The Itty Bittys parade around the congregation to music where they receive high fives, handshakes or pats on the back by members of the congregation. Why? Because children need affection and need to know that they are loved. Finally, they then parade out to Children's Church where they have a snack, a formal Church School (Sunday School) lesson and play games or do crafts. (out of diapers to 12 yrs) *At this time we do not have a nursery but plan to have one soon.

Y.A.Y. Ministry (Young Adults & Youth, ages 13-25)

Each third Sunday is considered Y.A.Y. Ministry Day Worship Service where these age groups are in charge of the service. The videos and music are selected with this age range in mind. Every other Saturday, the Y.A.Y. Ministry meets to have a "Chat and Chew" with Pastor Sapp and Sis. Alma Robinson (Youth Director). This is an opportunity for engagement with Pastor Sapp and Sis. Robinson. Sort of a pseudo freestyle bible study as discussion topics suggested by the Y.A.Y. Ministry members are viewed from God's perspective and related to His word as it is relevant to ministry member's issues, situations and circumstances. 

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